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Mon, Feb. 7th, 2011, 10:57 am
anya_silverfur: RIP Brian Jacques

My favorite author, Brian Jacques, has left this world.  While my heart mourns, a familiar passage from a story of his comes to my mind.

From Outcast of Redwall -
"Here I often gaze out o'er the seas,
When winter snows have gone to spring so fair,
Alone, except for the butterflies and bees,
Remembering the times we used to share.
Your spirit soars o'er places where I'd walk,
Not holding any friend on earth so true,
Upon your shoulder, good and faithful hawk,
O Skarlath, there was never one like you!
With heavy heart I sit alone in grief,
Lord of the mountain, ruling over all,
Wishing I could split a single leaf,
To bring you back again, with our old call."

Of course, Brian was not a kestral.  I saw him more as a mouse, who would have lived in the gatehouse, keeping all the stories of Redwall Abbey safe and secure.
When I read his books, I went to another place, another time.  It is because of his stories that Anya came into existence at all!  Today, I will cry.  Yet soon,  the tears will dry.  The memories of the joy he brought to the world will make me smile.  This fox, one of the few to reside in Mossflower Wood as an ally of Redwall Abbey, will continue to share the tales of this wonderful person.

Tue, Mar. 17th, 2009, 07:56 pm
taricalmcacil: Redwall TV Series

I'm new to this community, but I just discovered the entire Redwall television series on Youtube. I figured people here might like to know about it, since a lot of people may not have access to the dvds. So here they are, all available thanks to someone named MatthiasofRedwall.


Sun, Feb. 8th, 2009, 04:57 pm
cateyes8588: (no subject)

REDWAAAAAAAAAAAAAALL ;) couldn't help myself....

Hi all :)

Huge Redwaller here - read and own all the books and all that. They are AMAZING!

I am so desperate right now - does anyone know or have the Redwall show for download? I would so appreciate a point in the right direction - if anyone has one :)

I downloaded it from one place, but its incomplete and it skips - frustrating!

I have looked in all the usual places, and I cannot afford it at Amazon/eBay with the ridiculous price it is :(

Thank you SO much to anyone who can help in advance.

*horribly cross-posted...sorry!*

Sat, Feb. 7th, 2009, 11:33 pm
gaillens_mirror: RedWall One-Shots

Hello, everybody! Just introducing myself and bringing some (old, old) stories to the community. This is my first time posting my RedWall fics on LJ but it's defiantly not my first time posting on LJ at all. So here it goes.

I bring four fics: three Martin/Rose and one Matthias/Cornflower. They're generic and probably seem very similar to most fics featuring those pairings, but I love them all the same, because they are my babies. Warning though, I wrote them when I was a teenager so they're at least four or five years old!!

In Favor of Tears : Martin/Rose
Summary: When things are at its bleakest and the sun has seemingly set upon the happiness that you have discovered. It is then that you have to stand up and keep walking. It is then that we are at our strongest.

I'm Still Walking : Martin/Rose
Summary: [See, Rose. You can be proud. I am still walking.] It was so long, long ago. Why couldn't the pain simply end? We cried. We lost. And yet...somehow...we keep walking.

Apologies : Martin/Rose
Summary: [And from her heart grew a red, red rose and from his heart a briar...] Sometimes an apology is all you need even if you don't know why you have to apologize.

Mine Own Duty : Matthias/Cornflower
Summary: He has a duty to his sword, a warrior's duty, and I have a duty to my heart. Bring him home to me, Martin, please.

Sun, Oct. 23rd, 2005, 06:39 pm
goticacavalla: (no subject)

So has anyone gotten the new cookbook just published?

I just made some savory squirrel bakes for dinner.... yummy stuff it is. October Ale was a tad on the weird side, but we made it with ginger beer, so might be better with ginger ale.

Thu, Sep. 23rd, 2004, 10:12 pm
roquin: (no subject)


*peers around*

I just realized that although I've been a hardcore redwall fan all my life, I haven't actually joined a community. Eep.

Anywho, I'm Tyr. I've read everything Jacquesian under the sun with the exception of the new-new redwall book (can't remember the exact name).

Has anyone else noticed the downward slide on the quality of the books? Loamhedge... What the deuce.

Mon, Aug. 30th, 2004, 02:38 pm
frey_at_last: Redwall icons

Hi! Thought I'd post these here. Redwall was a huge part of my childhood, and I randomly made icons today, thought I'd share.

4. 9. 12.

19 Redwall iconsCollapse )

+ comment, take, credit ^_^
+ 6, 10, and 15 are bases, do with them what you will. *g*
+ xposted book_icons

Thu, Apr. 29th, 2004, 03:16 pm
peacoquettish: Yummy, Introductions Post

Hello and welcome to redwallers, the most comprehensive LJ community dedicated to Brian Jacques' Redwall series. Here you can post fics, links, art, icons, theories, essays, or whatever else you can think of -- all content will be archived through the journal memories.

Feel free to speak your mind! Questions and comments can be left here or emailed to either myself or asleia, your loffly mods.

Happy Redwalling,

E.R. Vengeance